Sudha Homoeo Pharmaceuticals was founded by Dr. P.S.N. Murthy (Dr. Palagummi Satya Narayana Murthy).  Dr. Murthy, a Registered Medical Practitioner, who hails from an agricultural family from East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh, grew up seeing the poor and the needy’s lack of access to quality healthcare and medicine.   This resulted in his ambition to work on providing genuine medical care to the patients.   At the time, a practicing homoeopathic physician, Dr. Murthy often found it difficult to provide his patients with the right medicine because there were not sufficient companies providing the homoeopathic medicines and distributing them in Andhra Pradesh.  This resulted in his intention to bring a manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh.  He therefore founded Sudha Homoeo Pharmaceuticals in 1976.

Besides attending to his patients, Dr. Murthy’s brainchild – Sudha Homoeo ensured that homoeopatic medicines were available to other practicing physicians around the State and the country.  His constant ambition to spread Homoeopathy across India drove him to start two medical journals – Homoeo News and Andhra Homoeo Reporter for propagation of Homoeopathy in India and overseas. 

Dr. Murthy also started Hahnemann Homoeo Institute (HHI) to mentor individuals so they could become self-taught professionals in Homoeopathy for treating their and their family members’ common ailments.   This was because at the time, there were not many physicians in the rural areas of the country who could provide health care and were no sufficient homoeopathic educational institutions.  Hahnemann Homoeo Institute, registered with State of Andhra Pradesh under The Societies Registration Act, which included some of the eminent homoeopathic physicians as mentors and educators successfully accomplished the following:

  • Provided Homoepathic classes in several places of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Provided free health camps with leading homoepathic physicians including Dr. N. Ramaiah, Dr. M. Kutumba Rao, Dr. K. Vasu, Dr. P. Vishnu, Dr. V.R.K. Murthy, etc.

  • Established free homoepathic clinics in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Conducted thought-provoking scientific seminars as well as state/nationwide conferences on the subject of Homoeopathy under the able guidance of Dr. Kanjilal, Dr. Jugal Kishore, Dr. D.P. Rastogi among others. 

Dr. Murthy continues to serve the Homoepathic community.  At Sudha Homoeo, he works with his team of professionals on a day-to-day basis to bring new medicines to the people.  In his leisure time, he involves himself with reading and gardening.